Hearing Aids Improve Our Quality of Life

Eventually, many of people around Sioux City will experience some hearing loss, requiring the use of hearing aids. Since 1993 licensed audiologist, hearing aid distributer and owner, Colette Hadden, at Hearing Specialists PC, has been helping folks communicate more effectively and enjoy the sounds around them, using the latest in high-tech hearing aid device technology. At Hearing Specialists PC, we know that having a thorough hearing evaluation, and then being fitted with the right hearing aid product, restores quality of life to the wearer and everyone around them.

How can I Find the Right Device for Me?

There are many different models of hearing aid devices available now, and the right choice for you depends on factors like age, lifestyle and budget. Patients as young as 12 are now candidates for the newer, high-tech hearing aid products- devices designed not to interfere with daily activities. The goal of licensed audiologist, Colette Hadden, and her staff, is to fit you with a high-quality device that will provide optimal value for your money. Several styles of hearing aids exist, including behind-the-ear, in-the-ear and in-the-ear canal options. Hearing Specialists PC, has found that Siemens hearing instruments combine exceptional performance with longevity, making them our preferred vendor. We’re here to assist you in choosing the model that best fits your lifestyle needs and budget.

The Role of a Licensed Hearing Specialist

Always make sure that you’re working with an audiology specialist who’s qualified to test your hearing and fit you with hearing aids. Licensed audiologist, Colette Hadden, has over 30 years of industry experience, and strives to stay updated on the newest hearing advancements. She will ensure that the amplification level of your device coincides perfectly with your hearing impairment needs. To assess your current hearing level, Colette will conduct a thorough hearing evaluation.

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Trust Us With Your Hearing Aid Needs!

Hearing is one of our most precious gifts, and hearing impairment diminishes our quality of life. When you need high-quality hearing aids, the professionals at locally-owned and operated Hearing Specialists PC, in Sioux City, stand ready to assist you.